Friday, February 8, 2013

Err, would you like me to...

...claw your eyes out? Tell me how and I'll be happy to. Yes you! The man on the street. Because, you know, they were staring at my legs today as I walked along the street in a denim skirt which reached below my knees. Oh I am sorry! It wasn't the was YOU!!!

You had me questioning my integrity and my sense of dressing, although I am a conservative dresser. You had me wondering what was wrong. Was one leg purple and the other, orange? I stopped myself a million times from checking. You made me angry and put up my 'I don't care' attitude. You had me feel like a cold person...I couldn't even smile at the lady on the street. You had me doubt my purpose of heading out to buy some fruits. You had me wishing for company when I like my solitude. I kept my mind occupied by imagining maneuvers I'd use to hurt you.

You had me take a detour through a quieter lane on the way back...which was scarier. You had me calculate...should I go from around the taxis, from behind the trees? You almost had me disappearing into the wall along the road. Should I have come out in a bear suit? Should I have stayed in on this lovely evening and risked missing the breeze blowing in my face?

You must have seen more skin in the bathroom this morning than you saw on me this evening. That is, if you bathed, you pig! Get a grip! It's not chips and dip served on a platter for you to lap up. It's a woman, a human being.

Nothing's going to change. This, I NEVER doubted. 'Damini' and 'Nirbhaya', anyone?

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