Friday, February 22, 2013

Hop, Skip and Stitch for the Girls

I resigned from work about a month ago to prepare us and the house we live in for a year away in France. It's felt longer than that, though. I feel like I have been forever packing, running around, staring at the boxes in the house and getting things done.

In the middle of it all, I travelled to Ahmedabad for my dear niece's (sister's daughter) first birthday. She's a piece of my heart, walking around outside my body. I had gathered material and ideas ages ago to stitch her headbands, which I only got to doing the night before her birthday. I got the technique from looking at a few lessons online. The lace is store-bought as are the rose buds. The coloured ones are strips of t-shirt. Patches are felt. The designs, patience and poked fingers are all mine. :) (Photo courtesy: My sister)

Yesterday, I spent some time with my other niece (husband's brother's daughter) here in Bangalore. She didn't have school and was home alone and bored for a bit in the afternoon. I taught her how to skip with her tiny and shiny skipping rope. I managed to save face by not tripping...almost did a couple of times. She was so happy and proud about the whole deal, and mighty it was some big secret which she would share with her mum once she was home.

I stitched my first headband for her. She flaunted it for about fortnight. I think it's really easy to befriend little long as they are not yours.... !


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