Monday, March 4, 2013

Travel lite? Yeah, right!

I am quite vocal about my love for travel. But I cannot figure out how to carry less. It's shameful and criminal, the amount I tug along with me when I am travelling. Regardless of whether or not one can afford baggage allowance, I envy people who can carry just a bag and be content with it.

Anyways, we landed in zero degree Paris, ran through Charles De Gaulle to catch the connecting, descended onto beautiful Marseilles, lovely at 13 degrees and surrounded by hills and the sea. The people are extremely friendly. And I wish I hadn't bothered to fill my wardrobe with colour, since black is all I see!

We reached Marseilles safe and sound this afternoon. When we had landed in Atlanta in June 2009 for similar reasons (another story, another time) on a humid evening, I had felt sad and was quite unhappy because there weren't any familiar faces around. Secretly, I had wished someone we knew had come to receive us. Our arrival in Marseilles was much more welcoming. I think it's because the day wasn't ending, the weather was bright and sunny, India is closer and I am holding onto a few promises of visits from family and friends!

The service apartment we are in for the first two of weeks has a bed, the shower, the toilet (in a separate tiny little closet!) and the kitchenette; all of which fit into an area the size of your living room.

We went out to purchase some basic stuff like bread and milk, had some coffee at a side cafe near the Metro station (you can't not do that!). French lessons have been forgotten! But we've have managed so far. Whenever we ask for help, we gather a bit of a crowd and a few stares. It's awkward being in that situation. But we just laugh it off. Like I said, everybody is friendly and helpful. One lovely sales girl even wrote instructions in French for us to show to a shopkeeper next door. Tomorrow I plan to be better equipped.

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