Sunday, November 10, 2013

Too much on my plate is a good thing.

I have yet to write the 3rd and final part of our September trip. It is will be about Paris, the city I have been to once more since the trip, and the French Riviera. I will write about it all soon.

I have been caught up with some stuff. As you might know, my mum and sister run a dance school in Ahmedabad. Rasadhwani is celebrating 25 years and we are planning to celebrate in style. I maintain a blog for Rasadhwani. The idea is to invite people from different backgrounds to talk about art. If you or anyone you know is interested, please send an e-mail to

I started a travel blog about 6 months ago. But it hasn't seen much activity, not for lack of action on the travel front but for the lack of time to maintain 3 blogs. I think I am going to delete it.

Since the beginning of October, I have started teaching Hindi once a week to a 55 year-old Argentinean who is a high-school Spanish teacher, knows 12 different languages including Greek, Hebrew and Yiddish and has written a book on tango. He already knows quite a bit of Hindi. I think I help him revise and get comfortable with the language. He lives in a small apartment , sort of like a loft. All four walls, from ceiling to floor are filled with racks of books. He must easily have close to 2000 books in different languages. It reminds me of Sean Connery's apartment in Finding Forrester. I say I go to teach but one can safely say I come back learning more!

I also take a private dance lesson once a week for an Indian lady. And, D and I go learn afro-brazilian percussion! This has been such a great find!! We absolutely love going there. There are about 5 different types of percussion and we picked the one we liked in the first class and continue to learn on that. It's like playing in a band. If you want to see what I mean, go see this video.

It's cold and windy as I speak. Because of the time of the year, combined with the end of day lights saving, it gets dark earlier. I have been told to watch out for Jan and Feb when it gets really bad. We'll have to wait and see!

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