Thursday, April 18, 2013


I like food...simple food, rich food, tasty, bland. I am careful not to overeat, but I like what I like. I am not picky. When I am hungry, anything will work. I grew up eating vegetarian food and eggs. So I don't feel the need to acquire a taste for the other kinds.

A few days after we landed in France, I started cooking in the pantry of our service apartment. I was carrying basic masalas. We ate Indian food very rarely in the beginning. Dhaval asked if I missed food from our land. I said I didn't. I even told my mom so. She seemed to agree.

I was so wrong! Lately, every evening, I have a craving for rich, greasy, Indian food. There are a handful of Indian restaurants here. And their vegetarian fare is limited to sad variations of rajma, palak paneer, baigan bhadta and mixed vegetables  Veg. aperatifs include and are limited to samosa and bhajjis. I am sure their various other preparations of lamb, sea-food, beef, chicken and mutton are lip-smacking.

At the Vietnamese store I spoke about in one of my earlier posts, I saw a packet of Gits medu-vada and sambhar. I am not a fan of semi-prepared, pre-packed food. And so far, I had only savoured their gulab-jamun prepared by both moms. But beggars can't be choosers. So I made that for dinner today. The house smells of fried oil but the stomachs are overjoyed.

God bless GITS!

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