Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I can't rattle off names and lyrics and bands like other music lovers can. I just happen to like music. I am drawn towards a lot of songs lately, by way of watching a lot of movies and googling their background scores. There's no other way I would have heard of these extremely popular artists otherwise!

Two songs that I only recently heard and listen to again and again are 'You're the Voice' by John Farnham and 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel. Lovely, lovely lyrics and such amazing songs. I read comments on YouTube, especially the ones that appear under songs I like. And most people wish to time-travel back to the 80s when music was music and times were simpler, hoping that this generation knew the music of then!

There are a lot of songs that I have heard and keep going back to. I heard this version of Saware, originally sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for Bandit Queen, and I like it the best of all the versions! I first heard 'Aicha' when I bought a newly released album by the band Outlandish. And then, I happened to listen to a friend's cassette mix which featured Aicha sung by Khaled. That's when I came to know that Khaled's was the original. Then there's 'Desert Rose' and the ra├» rendition by Cheb Mami. I listen to the African Children's Choir with a couple of tissues in hand. And I think I was going to need major intervention for listening to 'The Reason' continuously on repeat!

Everybody knows and is most touched by the songs that the Gulzar-Burman duo created. One can't get enough of them. I like going back to 'Katra Katra' and 'Ek Hi Khwab'. The list is endless in this area, actually. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is another favourite and his 'Phir Se' comes to mind. It's also sung by Sonu Nigam, but I'm attached to the former version. Speaking of versions, this one of 'Phir Le Aaya Dil' is a personal favourite.

This isn't an inclusive list. But I often wonder....


Sharjes said...

80s! What blasphemy! The 90s had the best music! :) yeah music is a good positive addiction to have.

Gargee said...

I am no authority...you are going to have to go and argue with those who said that! :)