Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I thought Marseille felt historical...and then I went to Paris.

What can I say that's not already been told about this beautiful city? We played tourists here; went up and down its many 'rues'; gawked, admired, stared at, counted the maze that is the Eiffel, came back amazed by its mind-boggling metro network and are now raring to go back.

History lessons under trees, while eating ice-cream, while cycling amidst vehicular and foot traffic, while walking in the lesser known parts of the city...I couldn't have asked for a better class!

Watching street artists performing their act while waiting for the Eiffel to light up, experiencing the shouts of delight around you when it finally does, listening to Native Indian music and wondering how they arrived in a city so far from home....that was first-time Paris for me, now tightly stored into a corner of my mind, to be pulled out when nostalgia strikes!

The first view...teasing you from behinds the trees
Art work/ maze/ just a piece of metal
Volatile Seine
Ceiling somewhere inside the Louvre
Louvre which was formerly a palace

Love locks on the Pont des Art
Cycling by Louvre at dusk

'Light me up' - view from the boat 

Versailles palace

Dome at Gallerie Laffayete
Antique market - where a small Iranian rug sold for 1000 euros!


Leather bound books!

Pastries at the 'Fete de Pain' celebrating 850 years of the Notre Dame
Shakespeare and Co.!!!!
The famous university
Guide the way...

Oscar Wilde's grave
JRD and his parents laid to rest here

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