Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer goodbyes

Marseille saw a loadful of tourists this summer; the crowds have already begun to thin and it's not even the end of August. Farewell to humidity, summer clothes, Italian glacée and boisterous noises from the streets below.

We just got from Fort St. Jean which about a 150 feet outside our apartment. It has two bridges, one that connects to MuCem over a body of water and another that connects to a roadway, over another roadway!
It has fantastic views of the sea and this evening, it was choppy and cloudy. And it looked like a few boats might topple over.

We spent last weekend in Lyon. It's the 3rd largest city in France. It's such a beautiful and civilized city. I would call it a miniature version of Paris in what it offers to tourists, but much more calmer. I would call Marseille its cousin from the village, with its rough corners and rustic, sailor-friendly life style. You'd still have to keep up with fashion if you lived in Lyon. But you could smile and talk across in the Metro and be sure that it will be reciprocated. 

For pictures of the beautiful city and its traboules, please go here.

I am STILL waiting for my residency card. It allows visits to other EURO countries and it's high time we set foot outside the country. I feel like time is passing us by. Not that I wouldn't be grateful even if France is all I could see. But still....

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